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Company history

Founded in 2000, PT Atalla Indonesia is the only eyewear industry in Indonesia.
Started as an industry
  households, now PT Atalla Indonesia has transformed into an industry
high-tech and modern glasses.


PT Atalla Indonesia now employs more than 500 employees and has a production capacity of 60,000 glasses per day.

Production  PT Atalla Indonesia includes:


  • Sunglasses/Sunglasses.

  • Reading Glasses/Reading Glasses.

  • Glasses Frames / Spectacle Frames.

  • Protective Glasses/Safety Glasses.

  • Therapeutic Glasses.

  • Lenses / Lenses.

  • Glasses/Display Rack.

  • Glasses Wallet/Spectacle Case.

  • Mirror/Mirror.

PT Atalla Indonesia has also received certificates from within and outside the country, including:

  • ANZI 87.1 certificate.

  • TUV Rheinland certificate.

  • TKDN Certificate (Domestic Content Level).

  • HALAL Certificate

In 2019, PT Atalla Indonesia has received Halal certification issued by
MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council). Halal certificate for this eyeglasses and lens product, is the one
the first and only one in the world.

In recent years, PT Atalla Indonesia has established a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) fund, whose function is to help areas or areas affected by disasters.  In 2020,
PT Atalla Indonesia has distributed more than 100,000 pieces of PPE/PPE glasses (Protective Equipment
Self / Personal Protective Equipment), in relation to the handling of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic.

As the country with the 4th largest population in the world, Indonesia is a very large market share
very tempting. Therefore, PT Atalla Indonesia is committed to being the host in Indonesia
own home, namely by making Indonesia self-sufficient in glasses. Thus, foreign exchange
we no longer need to flow out and Indonesia is not flooded with imported products,
so that the eyewear industry in Indonesia will be more stimulated and invite more people
investors from within and outside the country which can open up many new jobs.


We hope that in addition to being superior in the country, Indonesian eyewear products can also be exported
to foreign countries.

We express our gratitude to those who have supported us so far, especially our friends and employees who have supported the existence of PT Atalla Indonesia.


  • It was established in 2000 with an initial number of 20 employees and the office is still rented in Rawa Buaya - Cengkareng .

  • At the end of 2015 moved and established a lens factory in the Pasar Kemis area, Tangerang on an area of 0.5 ha with the status of own building.

  • Investing by establishing a lens factory, constructing new buildings, adding electricity, purchasing lens production machines and training staff abroad to learn about the lens manufacturing process.

  • Is the only local company engaged in the eyewear and lens industry.

  • The number of employees currently reaches 500 people.

  • The total production of glasses and lenses reaches 5,000 dozen or 60,000 glasses and lenses per day. To date, there are 18 outlets that work together as official agents in several cities in Indonesia.

  • The products have been certified nationally and internationally.


To be the best eyewear factory in the world that implements technology 4.0 to achieve self-sufficiency in glasses



  • Producing glasses with good quality

  • Improving the ability of human resources in producing glasses

  • Always innovating in the application of technology in producing glasses

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